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Friday, March 7, 2014

We're looking for your feedback

As a subscriber of White House email updates, you get messages from us from time to time to keep you in the loop on the President's priorities and what's going on at the White House and around the administration.

Today, we want to hear from you.

We create a lot of content -- from the emails we send, to the charts, infographics, videos, and tools we feature on our website -- and we want to make sure it's as interesting and informative as possible.

You have a unique stake in making it better, so we want to hear it straight from you:

What's working for you? What would you like to see more of? What are the issues that matter most to you in 2014? Let us know here.

By sharing your thoughts, you're going to help us make our programming at a little bit better. And you'll help improve the experience of millions of Americans -- whether they're sharing a chart about how the deficit has been cut in half since 2009, watching the President's State of the Union address, or creating a petition asking the administration to take action on an issue that matters to them.

Here's your opportunity to weigh in and let us know what you think:

We're looking forward to seeing your feedback.

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