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Just Published! - 2014 New York City Fire Code

2014 New York City Fire Code - Now availabe at CityStore

Available at CityStore

The New York City Fire Code regulates fire safety in the operation and maintenance of all buildings, and establishes design requirements for a wide range of building installations. The Fire Code is a companion code to the New York City Construction Codes and Zoning Resolution, with extensive cross-references to the Building, Mechanical and Electrical Codes.

The Fire Code is newly-amended in 2014 to adopt many of the latest fire safety technologies and standards from the International Fire Code, together with important New York City-specific provisions. The 2014 Fire Code comprehensively amends the emergency preparedness requirements

for buildings and occupancies, and makes significant changes in provisions relating to fire apparatus access roads and building frontage spaces; rooftop access and obstructions; rooftop solar panel installations; construction site fire safety standards; fire watch and notification requirements for out-of-service building fire protection systems; building and apartment identification standards; and use of medical oxygen, portable electric space heaters and halogen lamps.

The 2014 Fire Code is an indispensable reference for design professionals, building owners and managers, and others engaged in trades and businesses regulated by the Fire Code, to ensure that buildings or facilities for which they are responsible are lawfully designed, operated and maintained. The Fire Code amendments took effect on March 30, 2014.

Soft Cover, 444 pages. $112.00

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