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快乐有益健康 • 音乐篇(四十九)
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Aryan Han  1 year ago:
Best original singer. She was so good when she sang this in her younger days. The best. Her voice was so sweet, rich n smooth. Super high notes - no problem, got big lungs, good breathing techniques.
QiangShi  4 years ago:叶佩英是最有资格唱这首歌,也是最好的演唱家, 因为她用自己的生活经历展现了什么叫“我爱你,中国。
david lee  4 years ago: She sang this song "I love you, China" with her heart and her soul. I hope all Chinese people all over the world repeat after her! Thanks! Then, all nations have problems, of different categories at times. China is robust in spite of all her problems!
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Zhang Yong2 months ago: 没有对祖国的一腔热血和激情,仅凭歌唱技巧是唱不出这传世的歌曲的。叶佩英老师,感谢您!
nannan clkm 1 month ago: 原始版本,也是最好的版本.
david lee 1 month ago: Overseas Chinese people have loved and defended China. I am one of them. Once a Chinese, always a Chinese. Fortunately, I know how the West, led by USA, has tried to subvert, undermine and disintegrate us .Let us work together to make China great again. I love her very much. She is from either Malaysia or Indonesia .
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yi zheng 5 days ago
: 出国这么多年,重听此歌,感慨万千。
XU ZHANG 1 month ago: +david lee yes, china is my home and I will love her forever. You are welcome to come and visit China.
cosp wang 1 year ago: 愿祖国繁荣富强。我们在海外的游子,时刻记得您我的祖国,我的家!
Joy Chen 1 month ago +cosp wang: 中国是一个美丽的地方,希望这片土地上的每一个人都如这片土地一样美丽!
Bong Hua Ng  6 months ago: 红歌好听,听出耳油耒。听红歌好上隐!你们中共的红歌太有意思,太有义意,啥歌都比不上你们的红歌有意思!给你一个赞。天才!
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david lee  6 months ago
: China's Miss Tender ! Her name is Chang yan and she comes from the central-south China, traditionally known as China's "country of rice and fishes" where poets sigh and beauties like her create inspiration!  Her voice is tender like her tender self and she sings "I Love You, China! " which requires a soprano but in her tender way the song becomes increasingly power as the singing goes on. She does not win through pitches; she win the soft and gentle way. China has talents.
Cnm Cnm  6 months ago: “我爱你中国” 因为其难度和充分的表达空间, 成为国内女高音必修,必考的曲目。张燕的演唱是一流的,清澈亮丽,字正腔圆,表达精致。能如此轻松圆满地演绎者,国内寥寥无几。很多女高音也能唱,但多是靠力气推,音高上去的同时就会失去细节的表达的完满。张燕的演唱融合了美声和戏曲的长处,所以既保持了音高和大动态气息的一致性,又在能够丰富表达的地方融入了戏曲的灵动,情感,和自然转承。和她唱的”珊瑚颂“,“天涯歌女”一样,都是民族唱法女高音的典范之作。





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